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Business Plans and reports

Giant Orange Design combines photography and typography combined for dramatic business plans and reports. There’s no right or wrong way to create a multi-page document as long as it meets your needs and makes a visual impact. Visuals make your business plan memorable, whether it's a lean startup plan or a traditional plan that is  heavy on details. Design samples.


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List of articles/reviews

Annual Reports
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Multi-page booklets are a specialty of Giant Orange Design.  We are proud designers of the Oakland Public Library  Annual Report for the past 8 years to feature the diverse and adventurous event programming of the OPL branch libraries.
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Branding, Logos

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Logo design, signage, and branding  is our passion and  our strategies flow to photography, social media, and all marketing collateral.

At Giant Orange,  there is nothing so satisfying  than to tell a community story through color, typography, and images.

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